An African brush of colour, texture and warmth to bring the Lovemore Lodges branding to life. 

This collection of luxury lodges aims to welcome their guests, predominantly the birding community, to wander through their indigenous gardens and soak up the African sun while nibbling on homemade rusks and pot bread.

Lovemore Lodges uses the ‘crane flower’ as the symbol to grace their logo. We designed the strelitzia using a brushed texture to bring in the human element of the friendly, warm service that their guest can expect from the staff at any of their Lodges. Using an Autumn themed colour palette allowed us to portray the Lodges as being highly energetic, independent, yet friendly and very warm. Autumn personalities enjoy building long-term relationships with their clients and love to be helpful and taking care of others. Very close to nature, they are natural campaigners of respect for the natural way of living.

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