South Coast Aesthetics & Dental is where dental comfort and care meet the latest technology in dentistry. We created a look and feel that expresses what they represent through their choice of colours and imagery.

Their branding was a wonderful blend of the two medical fields that merge to form this practice. The thin-lined butterfly represents the elegance of the aesthetics side, coupled with the concept of emerging as a new self after receiving top-notch aesthetic care at SCA&D. The simple shape of the tooth represents the dental side of the practice and balances the intricate butterfly. There also happens to be a lovely hidden meaning in the A & D of the logo as the business owners names are Amy and Daryl D’arcy! We love it when we can weave something personal into branding!

This forward thinking dental practice focuses on patient education, believing that prevention is better than cure. We have produced information-rich brochures, posters, social media graphics and tear pad sheets that help educate their patients about basic oral hygiene, dental first aid and postoperative care among other topics. Artwork that is engaging and contains the elements of great design can be a tremendous competitive advantage!

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