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We understand that your branding is the first impression that reaches your client and customer and sets the tone of who you are and how you deliver. It communicates your values, vision and must be an effective marketing tool that captures your ideal client.

Using colours, fonts and symbols we will unravel your thoughts, preferences and ideas and weave them into a solid visual personality for your brand that you will be a forward thinking, connected representation of your business.

Let’s give your brand the design it deserves.

Pre-designed Logo

Handcrafted logos perfect for branding your new or existing business that can be customised with your business name and brand colours.
R 2500
  • 1 Customised Pre-designed Logo
  • Customisable Colour Palette
  • 1 Submark
  • 1 Alternate Logo
  • 1 Revision Round
  • Final Files (JPEG, PNG, PDF AI)


Bring your idea to life and give your business a look and feel that represents your vision with a handcrafted logo. Scroll down to see some examples.
R 3900
  • 2 Logo Options
  • Custom Colour Palette
  • Custom Font Selection
  • 1 Submark
  • 2 Alternate Logos (Long & Square)
  • 3 Revision Rounds*
  • Digital Brand Guide
  • Final Files (JPEG, PNG, PDF, AI)


Need a little more freedom and choice? Then this is the perfect package for you with extra options to choose from as well as an extra round of revsion.
R 5500
  • 4 Logo Options
  • Custom Colour Palette
  • Custom Font Selection
  • 1 Submark
  • 3 Alternate Logos (Long & Square)
  • 4 Revision Rounds*
  • Digital Brand Guide
  • Printed Brand Guide (Free Delivery in SA)
  • Final Files (JPEG, PNG, PDF, AI)

Prices are based on a general scenario, but everyone is unique and each project is different. 
We would love to schedule a call to discuss your exact requirements and how we can make them a reality!

* A revision is a collection of small changes and tweaks to an existing design. The revision process is meant to move the design closer and closer to the final design. Keep in mind you have a limited number of revisions built into your pricing and after they have been exhausted you will be billed per hour, so its best to present all your feedback at one time, let us make your changes and submit a new draft for you to review. 


In a synthetic world many are looking to return the the organic, nature lead goodness.

We created this logo with our younger generation in mind, using soft winter colours this compelling logo blends the serious side of turning away that which is less-than-great for our little ones with the hand drawn, earthy lines in the illustration.



Clean, approachable, reliable. ​

Dr Vundla gave the reigns over to us after our design discussion and was more than thrilled with the final outcome of a logo which not only explained his specialist role as an orthodontist, but relayed the message that his practice is modern, precise and focused.

We cleverly gave this a winter themed personality and used a clean, straight edged font, but wove in the approach-ability with the rounded edges of the tooth. 


Fun, adventurous, forward thinking.

Little Explorers is a farm school play group that allows the little hearts and minds that attend to learn through guided play.

We wanted to represent the supportive, helpful, energetic and honest nature of the school through their branding. Using bright blues for to reveal trust along with tangerine and sunshine yellow to show a burst of energy and sunshine. 

Follow their fun on Instagram – @littleexplorers


Floral, clean, feminine.

Essential Oil queen, Jacquelyn of Mindful Magnolia, had an idea of where she wanted to head with her logo. She came to us with her font and colour choice and asked us to skillfully align these with her brand vision. After chatting things through with her, we knew exactly what to create. Jacquelyn fell in love with the logo and after a single revision round she could already start putting her logo to use. You can see it in action on Instagram @mindfulmagnolias


Professional, creative, smart.

After the initial design discussion, Cathy only had a few points that she felt were vital to On the Inside’s branding – we worked inside these boundaries and produced 3 options of which one of them was the perfect blend of straight lined construction and the rounded opulence and creativity of decor. We used an autumn pallet which conveyed the message of energy, passion, strength and uniqueness that On the Inside is built on.


Pure, earthy, simple.

Carla came back to us for a logo refresh, her brief was based on a handful of earthy images with rocky mountain textures and mossy green leaves. Extracting these tones from the images was the basis of the logo and we wove Carla’s new found love of rock climbing into the logo with the peaks turning into an oil drop. What a wonderful way to depict the earthy goodness of the doTERRA essential oils as well as her passion for helping others reach the peak of their health through oil use.


Every child has something special that can be worked with and stretched to reach the best version of themselves. ​

Michaela knew she wanted to integrate a giraffe into her branding as it holds a personal meaning to her, and this tall and graceful creature had the wonderful ability to ‘push’ through the clouds to reach the stars and portray the very heart of Raw Potential Occupational Therapy – helping children to reach their full potential. We chose a spring personality complete with wobbly lines and quirky nature to bring a child-like, approachable feel to the branding.

our design process


After all the initial paperwork has been completed, you will receive your Expressive  Brand workbook which will guide you through the decisions you need to make for the construction ahead.


We chat, either face to face over coffee or video call. During this 60 minute call we will get a clear direction of where to aim your design based on your answers from the Expressive Brand workbook. 


We will design your amazing brand that will knock your socks off! You will get to make a set number of revisions after seeing it for the first time, so make them wisely.


You will get your shiny new brand to put to use wherever you see fit. We will give you a guide which will help you to implement you brand in a clear, consistent and productive way.


OPTIONAL: We will create your business cards, letterheads and any other add-ons you have chosen and help you to get them off to your printer.


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